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Maryland > Albert Einstein High
Description: CK-12 Foundation’s new and improved Advanced Probability and Statistics-Second Edition FlexBook introduces students to basic topics in statistics and probability, but finishes with the rigorous topics an advanced placement course requires.
Created by: Victor Powell
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Maryland > Archbishop Spalding High School
Created by: Chanemia Singleton
Open FlexBook ®
Anatomy and Physiology - ASHS
Chanemia Singleton
Maryland > Chopticon High
Created by: Amanda Myatt
Open FlexBook ®
Myatt Biology
Amanda Myatt
Maryland > Govans Presbyterian Preschool
Description: CK-12 Foundation’s Middle School Math Concepts - Grade 8 is a standard, complete middle school school math course covering common core 8th grade standards. This preview version is being released in stages several chapters at a time.
Created by: Maria Piantoni
Open FlexBook ®
CK-12 Algebra - Classe 1a
Maria Piantoni
Maryland > Holton-Arms School
Created by: Christopher Lee
Open FlexBook ®
Earth & Space Science
Christopher Lee
Maryland > Jemicy School
Created by: Erika Hite
Open FlexBook ®
Advanced Biology
Erika Hite
Maryland > Robert Frost Middle School
Description: Earth Science concepts for middle school.
Created by: Antonio Carrillo
Open FlexBook ®
Maryland > Rosa M. Parks Middle
Created by: Ashley Huang
Open FlexBook ®
Geometry Unit 3
Ashley Huang
Maryland > Thomas S. Wootton High
Created by: Kathryn Sander
Open FlexBook ®
Chemistry of Life
Kathryn Sander
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